Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co.

Located in the beautiful City of Kenora on the shores of Lake of the Woods, Rita�Boutette�is dedicated to creating soaps and skin care products which are all-vegetable, all-natural, 100% phosphate free and biodegradable. The shoreline and Boreal forest�that surround�Kenora provide a constant reminder of the importance of respecting the environment and of creating environmentally friendly products.

Setting High Standards

Rita�maintains the�high standards for her soaps and skin care products, refusing to compromise on the quality of her ingredients that were set by the previous owner, Whitney Allen.�Rita creates high quality soaps and skin care products for sensitive skin. They are free of alcohol, synthetic dyes, preservatives, and artificial fragrances. She makes her soap in 10 kg batches in her kitchen and pours into wooden molds that her husband makes. There are over�18 types of soaps including: Organic Peppermint, French Pink Clay, French Lavender, Wild Rice Bar, Orange Spice, Tea Tree Complexion bar, and Citrus Sunrise. She uses pure olive oil along with specialty vegetable oils such as apricot kernel oil, Manitoba hemp seed oil, shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil.�Rita uses organic herbs, some from her own backyard garden. Pure essential oils provide skin care properties and subtle scent to her soap.

Sunrise Soaps: All Natural!

�Rita decided to carry on the path of the former owner, Whitney Allen.� From the beginning, Whitney�was dedicated�to take the pure and natural path, in spite of the challenge and higher costs for her ingredients. Focus is on quality and purity, and on creating a luxury soap that feels different, leaving the skin feeling clean but not dry and tight. Grapefruit seed and rosemary extract is in every bar as natural preservatives, contributing even more extraordinary skin care properties and making her soaps truly exceptional for your complexion. Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Company’s cream, lip balm, and bath products�are very popular with those who are looking for natural and gentle alternatives to commercial and synthetic skin care products. Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap is very popular with people who experience problems such as acne, eczema, or sensitive skin (that’s most of us!).

We believe our�products are better for your skin, better for the environment, simply better!

***It’s important to note that even though Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co. soaps are all-natural, they should NEVER be used directly in the lakes or rivers. All soaps need soil to break down and it’s recommended the soaps be used 30m from the water’s edge.***

New Products Every Month

Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co. skin care products include a serious Tea Tree Lip Balm and a fabulous Creme de la Creme therapeutic cream for dry skin with vitamin E. They are currently working on developing an all-natural shampoo and a therapeutic salve for dry cracked skin.


Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co. and Whitney will be featured on CBC’s television show, Living Winnipeg next season. Whitney will demonstrate home-made, all-natural skin care products. Stay tuned!


Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co. is in a new and exciting partnership with�two Kenora businesses, The Blue Heron and Pykerman’s Nursery. Four custom soaps were created exclusively for The Blue Heron:Forest Floor, Loon Bay, Take a Hike and Blueberry Point.�and a custom Gardener’s Soap has been developed for Pykerman’s Nursery. The new soaps were launched at The Blue Heron and Pykerman’s Nursery in early May, 2008.

LakeLife Gifts in Winnipeg and Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co. are teaming up to create a custom soap: Citrus Oatmeal, called Summer Memories�which was launched at LakeLife, November 15/08.

The Herbal Market in Winnipeg and Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co. have teamed up in creating another custom soap, a “Bug-Off” bar, launched in Spring, 2009.

LakeVu Motel has a new custom soap,�Morning Mist�which is doing very well!

Lake of the Woods Museum continues with their custom bar, Sweetgrass, and it is extremely popular.

BIG NEWS! Candian Living Magazine featured 4 of our soaps in the Jan/09 issue. The soaps are: Manitoba Wildflowers, Boreal Forest,Northern Garden and Wild Rice. Our use of local ingredients in these bars is of great interest to Canadian Living, and the promotion of the Lake of the Woods area is excellent! Homemakers Magazine featured our Orange Spice bar in the March 2009 issue! We appreciate the support and positive endorsements of our products.


Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co. launched their PEACE PatchouliBar four years ago.� 15% of all proceeds from the sale of this bar were donated to Amnesty International Canada.� This year, once again we will donate 15% of the sales from our Peace Patchouli bar to Amnesty International Canada.� They will be available for sale by mid November.